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Louis M. Jones III stands out as one of the most prominent drummers hailing from the bustling city of Detroit. Starting with just two wooden spoons, Louis quickly established himself as a natural musician, honing his craft with sticks, brushes, and mallets as he grew more and more experienced. By the age of 11, he realized his true passion and knew that he would pursue music as a full-time career.

Throughout his life, Louis has had the good fortune of being surrounded by and mentored by some of Detroit's most legendary musicians. In particular, he gleaned inspiration and valuable knowledge from the likes of Wendell Harrison, Marion Hayden, and Sean Dobbins, all of whom have left their mark on him in some way.

As a young musician coming of age in Detroit, Louis' father encouraged him to immerse himself in the vibrant and multifaceted local music scene, taking in all genres and styles as he developed his own sound. Thanks to his early experiences and upbringing, Louis has become a remarkably versatile drummer, capable of playing with equal passion and skill across all genres.

Louis's impressive resume includes collaborations with a variety of well-known artists, including Wayne Shorter, Keyon Harrold, Karriem Riggins, Elzhi, and Omar Sosa, to name just a few. Sharing stages and studios with such accomplished musicians continues to inspire and push Louis to new creative heights.

While his sideman work is in high demand across Detroit, Louis is also passionate about giving back and sharing his knowledge and skills with others. In addition to teaching, he spends time composing and mentoring young musicians in the Detroit area, inspiring and shaping the next generation of talent.

With his impressive talent and unyielding dedication to his craft, Louis Jones III represents the very best of Detroit's rich musical heritage.

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